Audition Requirements

You’re thinking about becoming a member of A Cappella Texas! This is a big step in your musical life, we don’t want you to be intimidated by the process. We want you to succeed because singing with A Cappella Texas, both at rehearsals and at performances, are some of the greatest experiences of our lives.

Consider the audition process not as a test, but as free vocal lessons. We’ll listen to you sing, and then give you feedback that we hope will make you a better singer. We want everyone who has the ability to experience the joy of singing with A Cappella Texas.

The auditions and section placement will be conducted on Tuesday evenings, either before or after our 7pm rehearsal, at:

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church School Building, 2nd Floor
3407 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78705

In order to become a member of the A Cappella Texas chorus, you will have to pass a three-phase audition process. We will have our Membership Director assign a mentor from your section to help guide you through the process. You’ll also be given a printed copy of our audition song and electronic access to our Groupanizer website to download the accompanying audio practice tracks.        


  • Keep attending and singing with us!
  • Learn and memorize your part to the audition song, and practice singing it in a quartet.  Your mentor can help you find the other three singers.
  • Meanwhile, also prepare for the Performance Audition (Phase 2) described below.
  • When you’re confident, let your mentor and the Membership team know you’d like to audition.

Phase 1 Audition:  Music and Singing

  • Candidates will audition in a quartet, with their section leader, VP of Music, Director, and Assistant Directors present. Music must be memorized.
    • A successful audition includes: accurate notes, words, and rhythms; good intonation; consistent & free vocal tone; and an authentic expressive performance.
  • The audition audience will give feedback, and the Candidate will return the following week to perform again, taking into consideration the feedback on the first performance.  

Phase 2 Audition: Performance

  • Spoken-word only, about 30-60 seconds
    • As a chorus we perform music, do choreography, memorize scripts, and read introductions in our regular shows and performances. Phase 2 lets us see where you stand on the “everything except musical notes” part of performing.
    • Phase 2 is not a test to pass or fail; it’s just so we know this side of you as a new member.
  • You should tell a personal story or read from a script or prepared text, with attention to your stage presence, vocal emphasis, inflection, facial and body language, and gestures.
  • Phase 2 should typically happen at the same time as the first Phase 1 audition.
  • You’ll also get to try some very short and basic choreography steps.  Again, this is a check-in rather than a standard to meet; don’t sweat it!

Phase 3: Chorus Experience

  • You’ll be announced to the chorus as having completed Phases 1 and 2.
  • The chorus will be invited to submit feedback on what’s it’s been like to rehearse with you and get to know you on the risers, singing tags, etc.
  • If this goes well, you’ll be a member of A Cappella Texas and your mentor will help you through becoming a member of the Austin chapter and a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society!