Vision – What inspires us / What we aspire to

A Cappella Texas’ vision is to bring harmony to our world through transcendent musical experiences.

Mission – What we will do

Our mission is to enrich lives through a cappella musical performances and be a cultural resource for the arts in the Austin area

Values – How we will work

  1. Performance excellence: We strive to bring out our best every time we sing.  We invest the time to make this happen, and openly ask for critique of our work.  We take personal responsibility, and improve our skills in chorus and quartet singing.
  2. We are authentic and have fun together. We create joy and full self-expression through singing.  We value true connections with our audiences, our members, and our communities.  We support each other by building trust. We understand what we do is special and has its place in the wider arts community.
  3. We are actively inclusive. We listen to the music, and walk in another’s shoes as we perform.  We reflect our audience’s experiences through our performances.  We reach out to diverse communities to advance harmony.  We work to be an asset for our local arts community.
  4. We invest in our culture:  We engage in a virtuous circle of contribution to our guests, members, and communities in the Austin area.  We listen and support one another to achieve our goals. 
  5. We are good stewards of the resources, contributions and investments that we are provided, and work to grow them.
  6. Education:  We advance A cappella singing by revealing what’s going on in the music.   We educate ourselves and actively share that knowledge with our communities.