Rehearsal Reminders

  1. Arrive on time
  2. Remember the 10-second rule
  3. Our goal is to improve our vocal and performance techniques each week. Be sure to come in mentally and physically ready!
  4. Turn your cell phones to silence during rehearsal
  5. Bring paper copies or electronic copies of your music to each rehearsal
  6. Bring a pencil
  7. Bring a device that can record audio/video, this way you have updated rehearsal practices for the week
  8. Bring a pitchpipe, it’s a cappella after all!
  9. Rehearsals are always open to singers and a cappella fans, keep inviting them!
  10. What Should I Practice During the week?
    • Listen to your learning tracks & rehearsal recordings, check your part against the Lead part or Bass part
    • Keep adjusting your alignment to allow for the maximum amount of vocal freedom and tension-free singing
    • Learn your part accurately the FIRST time – Notes, rhythms, words – it takes 3 weeks of daily practice to break a habit you could have fixed the first time!
    • Practice in front of a mirror – check for an authentic and genuine delivery and performance
    • Mark your music with breath marks, dynamic contrast, and rhythmic diction placement so, as individuals, we are matching and creating unity with our whole section